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Pujiang Yitong Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd.

Established in 2002, Yitong is located at Pujiang County in Jinhua, which is in the Yangtze River Delta—Midwest of Zhejiang. It is a few kilometers away from the Hangjinqu Highway, and 10 minutes’ drive from Yiwu International Trade City, enjoying superior location with convenient transportation.

Yitong is equipped with the most advanced plastic sheet production line in the country, having introduced in foreign advanced technology, specializing in the production of PP, HIPS permanent anti-static, conductive sheet and PS black carrier, PS transparent carrier, ABS carrier and PC carrier, carbon-free conductivity Sheet, TPE rubber sheet, PET environmental sheet. Products have achieved the standard of similar foreign counterparts with excellent performance and reasonable price, which is the ideal choice for electronic components enterprises to improve packaging grade and reduce packaging costs.

Yitong has passed ISO 9001-2015 quality management system certification, 14001 environmental system certification, 45001 occupational safety and health system certification and QS food safety certification. All products have passed the test of SGS-standard technical services company and in compliance with EU ROHS environmental protection requirements. At the same time, the company has established an advanced product quality management internal control system.

Company profile
Yitong was founded in
Yitong plant area
Production line
The annual output
Future development of the company
Quality First
All employees will be committed to constant self-improvement and self-development with a firm conviction and tireless ambition, building a better tomorrow with all walks of life
Technological Innovation
Reform the development concept, innovate the development mode, improve the development quality by taking advantage of technological progress, so as to achieve sustainable development, accelerate the transformation of science and technology to the real productive forces
Services Improvement
After-sales service is the last ordeal for product quality, and we win the trust of customer with outstanding services. Full services with assuring quality are accompanying you.
Quality Policy
Well-designed, precision manufacturing, mutual benefit and win-win situation, continuous improvement Constantly improving their own skills in all sides, providing products that meet customer needs.
Business Philosophy
Cultivate the character and quality of staff with technological innovation as the lead,Enhance employee satisfaction, contribute to the development of plastic sheet industry.
Environmental Awareness
Comply with national environmental laws and regulations, and strengthen environmental protection awareness of staff. Preventing pollution, saving the energy and reducing the emission during the production process, avoiding the use of harmful substances.
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